A very warm welcome to ‘The House’.

Over the past decade our experienced psychotherapists and counsellors have successfully helped couples, individuals and families with a variety of issues.

How we can help…

The relationship you have with your therapist is very important, which is why we offer a free introductory session for individuals to make sure that you feel comfortable and secure working with your therapist.

Couples Therapy is a different discipline, but the need for confidence in your therapist is equally important. ‘The House’ offers a half price session so that each party is aware of what’s involved and how the process can help both of you.

“I feel that talking therapy is about learning to have a better relationship with yourself.  By improving that relationship, you are  better equipped to deal with issues that are thrown at you and also to appreciate the joys and riches of life.”

Judy Renihan

Founder of ‘The House’

Couples Therapy

Sharing a life with someone has always had its challenges, but the constant shifts, pace and expectations of modern life means that, for some of us, being in a partnership can prove difficult and, at times, may seem impossible.

Attending couples therapy when issues and differences start to appear can not only save relationships but can help you to enjoy and richer, happier partnership. Sadly, many couples come into therapy when it is too late, and the relationship is too damaged to fix.

Couples therapy can also help couples to separate in a kinder, calmer way which is not only healthier for both parties but has a positive, far-reaching effect on children, family and friends.

Individual Adult Therapy

Modern life is not like ‘the old days’, everything is so fast and there is such an overload of information that it is hardly surprising that, sometimes, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed.  At these moments it is a struggle to know how to move forward, that is where talking therapies can help.

In fact, during therapy you may discover that by reviewing issues and having a better understanding of yourself that, not only have the original concerns been dealt with, but life, in general is much better. When life throws you curve balls in the future, you will be better equipped to deal with them.

This is an investment in yourself that will not only benefit you, but those around you.


Couples Therapy: £90
There is a half price introductory session.

Individual Therapy: £60
There is a free introductory session.

Terms & Conditions

    • We would respectfully ask that all sessions are paid for in advance.
    • There is a 24 hour cancellation notice.
    • All sessions are confidential, unless there is a safeguarding issue, in which case, the appropriate authorities will be notified.
    • All therapists are in regular supervision and have relevant continuous professional development in line with BACP, UKCP and NCP guidelines.

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